Shooting trips

Our shooting trips take your products and us around the world.
Find out about upcoming destinations and join us!

Your product
in breathtaking scenery

Extraordinary locations

We take your products to the most beautiful locations – for this we climb the highest mountains, find the most beautiful beaches and travel to vibrant metropolises.

Selected hotels and locations offer the perfect complement to our outdoor shots. We have the right location for every product!

Get extraordinary product content without much effort and stand out from the crowd.

seasonal content

Whether summer or winter, spring or fall – be there on our trips!

We choose our destinations so that we can create content that is as variable as possible. Depending on the conditions, we can shoot summer content in many places, even in winter.

Find out here about our next travel destinations and decide for yourself where your product will fit.

Upcoming trips 2024

Fair price structures

Implementing a lookbook or campaign abroad can quickly become very expensive.

Since we take care of the tasks of a whole crew as a team of two, we can also implement our shooting trips at a fraction of common costs.

We only pass on the additional costs of our trips to our partners on a pro-rata basis via a flat rate.

Travel blog

Our travel reports show Europe’s most beautiful landscapes
& offer insights into our way of working.

Join us & be inspired by our travel tips
and travel activities!

Travel report: Winter camping in Norway

October 2021

Travel report: Winter camping in Norway

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