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Join us on our trips and get content of the extra class!
To vary product shots so diverse is only possible through the implementation on our shootingtrips.
That’s why no journey is too far and no effort too great!

On our shootingtrips we travel to the most beautiful places in the world.
To create seasonal content, we are on the road several times a year.
The best part – we take your product with us.

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Benefits at a glance

Extraordinary locations

We take your products to the most beautiful locations – snowy landscapes in Scandinavia, summery atmosphere in Tuscany or the rustic nature of Scotland. Get exceptional product content without much effort and stand out from your competition.

seasonal content

Summer or winter, spring or fall – join us on our year-round trips. We choose our destinations so that we can create content that is as variable as possible. Depending on the conditions, we can shoot summer content in many places, even in winter.
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Upcoming trips 2023

Fair price structures

We want to offer every partner the possibility to get special content from their product! Implementing a lookbook or campaign abroad can quickly become very expensive. Since we are a two-person team taking care of the tasks of an entire crew, we can also implement our shooting trips at a fraction of common costs. We only pass on the additional costs of our trips to our partners on a pro-rata basis via a flat rate.


Past shootingtrips through extraordinary landscapes paired with behind-the-scenes insights.
Join us & get inspired by our travel reports!

Scotland spring 2022

Road trip magical Scotland

We are in love with Scotland!
In this travelogue we show you our highlights and take you on the journey. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful nature and the historic buildings of this magical country.
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Norway winter 2021

A trip to the Arctic Circle

Our shootingtrip takes us to auroras, fjords, orcas and reindeer. In the winter of 2021, we will experience the breathtaking beauty of Norway up close from our traveling living room.
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Italy autumn 2022

Coming Soon...

Boundless beauty meets pleasure! A spontaneous trip through Tuscany takes us to wineries and farms. We also visit one of the most beautiful hotels in the region.
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