How it works

Learn everything about the process and the prices of a cooperation.

In 3 steps to your dream content

1. choose your content package
The base of our cooperation is a content package, which you can extend with further add-ons or advanced post-production if needed.
2. send us your products
As soon as we receive your products, we start planning & shooting.
3. preserve your content
After 2-3 weeks you will receive a selection link with your images. This link will remain permanently, so that you can purchase more recordings at any time.

Our content packages

Our prices already cover the photographer & videographer (Ron), the model (Elisa), the styling, hair & make-up, the location as well as all commercial rights of use – spatially and temporally unlimited.

Add-ons (optional)

The implementation on shooting trip
is connected with additional costs.
We cover these proportionally
with a lump sum for travel expenses.

Upcoming trips

Extend your content package with suitable add-ons.

  • Shootingtrip zzgl. 800,- €
  • individual conception ab 450,- €
  • additional model (½ day) ab 500,- €
  • special styling (hair & make-up) ab 120,- €
  • desired location ab 300,- €
  • prioritized project delivery auf Anfrage

prices plus 19% VAT.

Advanced post production (optional)

Don’t have anyone to do the final edit?
Pick your favorite scenes from your content package and decide on your editing option.

Social Media

  • e.g. for stories or reels
  • based on your content package
  • Desired format (e.g. 9:16 | 1:1 | 4:3)
  • Cut to music (incl. license)
  • up to 15 sec.

250,- €

Ads & Website

  • e.g. for headers or Google Ads
  • based on your content package
  • desired format (e.g. 16:9 | 1:1 | 4:3)
  • cut to music (incl. license)
  • up to 30 sec.

400,- €

prices plus 19% VAT.

Use your favorite clips where, when & how you want!

Directly on the smartphone
or in the editing program.
You always have full control over your material!

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